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Platinum Delux Cream Platinum Delux®   Elevate your skincare to the pinnacle of luxury with...

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Platinum Delux Cream Platinum Delux®


Elevate your skincare to the pinnacle of luxury with Platinum Deluxe Cream, a fusion of Platinum and Diamond Dust, designed to unveil your skin's true radiance. This exclusive pearlescent moisturizing cream is your path to a complexion that glows with vitality. Experience the difference as you provide your skin with a lavish splash of moisture, unlocking the secrets to a younger, healthier, and more vibrant appearance.

Key Features:

  1. Luminous Complexion: Platinum Deluxe Cream is your passport to a luminescent complexion that emanates with beauty. The fusion of Platinum and Diamond Dust enhances your skin's natural radiance, leaving you with a stunning and youthful glow.

  2. Daily Elegance: For the best results, make Platinum Deluxe Cream your daily companion. Whether worn alone or as a radiant canvas beneath your makeup, this cream is your trusted ally. Its moisturizing power hydrates your skin, allowing your true beauty to shine through.

  3. Nutrient-Rich Formula: Our cream is a nutrient powerhouse, delivering essential vitamins, antioxidants, and key ingredients, including Platinum Extract and Diamond Dust. These components not only boost radiance but also protect your skin's outer layer, ensuring your skin is primed for enduring beauty.

  4. All-Natural Luxury: At Platinum Deluxe, we are dedicated to premium quality. Our products are made in the USA, meticulously crafted with top-tier ingredients. Platinum, an antioxidant renowned for its capacity to reduce inflammation and shield against free-radical damage, is at the heart of our skincare commitment.

Youthful Brilliance Awaits: Revel in the radiance of Platinum Deluxe Cream and unveil a complexion that reflects the essence of your beauty. Every application is an indulgence, a testament to the pursuit of timeless elegance. Elevate your daily skincare regimen with the very best, and experience the Platinum Deluxe difference today. Your radiant journey begins here.


    Frame Material: Wood

    Seat Material: Wood

    Adjustable Height: No

    Seat Style: Saddle

    Distressed: No

    Custom Made: No

    Number of Items Included: 1

    Folding: No

    Stackable: No

    Cushions Included: No

    Arms Included: No

    Footrest Included: Yes

    Casters Included: No

    Nailhead Trim: No

    Weight Capacity: 225 Kilogramm

    Commercial Use: No

    Country of Manufacture: Vietnam



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